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Maurice Lauriano

Nonprofit Consultant
Administrative Education Officer, NYC Department of Education



Mr. Maurice Lauriano is a nonprofit management consultant with almost two decades of community development experience and youth development program design experience using culturally relevant performance-based measurements and outcomes. The bulk of this skill set was acquired evaluating program proposals, performing agency site visits and monitoring contract compliance. Maurice has worked as an administrator for more than fifteen years in the public and private sectors and has developed a facilitation consulting practice that works with senior management in developing process improvement tools to redesign and streamline business services.


Mr. Maurice Lauriano is currently employed by the New York City Department of Education as a Data/Technology & Family Engagement Director for the largest system of public schools in the nation.  In addition to retrieving student data, evaluating and verifying the accuracy of data, Mr. Lauriano is responsible for supporting 30+ elementary and middle schools in acquiring technology to enhance literacy in all subject areas.  A major accomplishment has been using data informed best practices to remove Bronx elementary schools off the New York State Schools Under Registration Review (SURR) list into showcase schools.  He also diagnoses, assess and monitors low performing schools by supporting them in all areas of operations, programming, technology, student achievement, pupil support services, parent involvement, community engagement, procuring grant funding, student placement and articulation. He has offered consistent professional development to pedagogues and school administrators of New York State identified  failing schools; lead parent engagement for Bronx parent coordinators; piloted partnerships with vendors to achieve academic excellence and more. Finally, Mr. Lauriano peer-reviews new charter school applications submitted to the New York State Board of Regents.


Maurice's life has been committed to being an agent of change.  His personality is described as a choreographer bringing foresight, leadership, and organized planning through structured sociability.Maurice's motto is Live, Love, Laugh and Leave a Legacy... He is a proud single dad parenting two pre-teens.He has traveled across Europe and Australia leading grade school children as Ambassadors of the United States for People to People. Maurice earned his degree from the City University of New York John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Police Science with a minor in conflict resolution/mediation. 
 He can be reached at mlauriano@gmail.com or followed on twitter and most social media as mlauriano. Blog posts can be read at https://mlauriano.contently.com

Maurice teaches VMG's online and classroom courses.


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