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Have questions?
Give us a call at 917-829-8344 or
send us an email.


Student Testimonial
Online Corporate Philanthropy
Certificate Program

What did you gain professionally from the program? 
I gained professionally because the program includes all aspects of corporate philanthropy in a neat, tidy package. There is a good “flow” from one topic to the next. In Canada there are very few places where this body of knowledge can be studied in this amount of depth and in such a reasonable amount of time. I am looking forward to redoing my resume with this new qualification on it. It will definitely give me an extra something when I start to look for my dream job."

~Anna McCarthy
Corporate Philanthropy Student
Ontario, Canada
December 2014

What did you gain personally from the training?
"I gained personally because I didn’t know of all the topics involved in corporate philanthropy; it’s a great jumping off point to exploring other areas of interest."

What was your favorite class?
"All classes were interesting and valuable but I liked Corporate Volunteer Management because that’s the type of position I’d love to have."

What suggestions did you have?
"Can’t say that I have any suggestions because I thought it was perfect…good pace, lots of great readings and Youtube video, well done power points. Plus, the instructor, Julie Marks, is well versed on the subject matter and can give examples and good answers."



VMG's Corporate Philanthropy Training program offers a comprehensive knowledge base for those looking to begin or further their careers in corporate philanthropy, workplace giving, volunteerism, social responsibilty or development/fundraising. Each course covers a key area in the process and is taught by an experienced subject matter expert who brings real-world practice to the discussion.This program is offered in the classroom and online.

Corporate Philanthropy Training Courses:

* Introduction to Corporate Philanthropy
* Strategic Planning and Budgeting
* Marketing & Communications
* Developing Community Partners
* Strategic Grantmaking
* Corporate Volunteer Management
* Disaster Relief Initiatives
*Program Measurement & Evaluation

classroom schedule

online schedule

CIBC World Markets Miracle Day

Charles Holmes, Managing Director, US Equities,
Von Bethea, student with CampInteractive, and
Craig Meisner, Executive Director, CampInteractive,
CIBC World Markets Miracle Day 2006


Click here for Miracle Day Impact Report



Introduction to Corporate Philanthropy
Gain an understanding of the corporate philanthropy landscape. Discuss strategies for aligning program goals with company principles and mission. Discuss industry trends, best practices and how to develop your program.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting
Development of the strategic plan helps to identify the company's philanthropic goals and ensure key stakeholders are all on the same page. Learn how to prepare your strategic plan and budget effectively.

Marketing & Communications
Learn how to raise internal and external awareness about your company’s community involvement work. Explore how internal and external community involvement communications each pertain to: community objectives, target audiences, key messages, communications strategies and tactics, budget, measurement and evaluation, and reporting. Discuss how to support management and business units with effective program communications such as talking points, emails, voice mails, collateral pieces and informational videos. Discuss cause-related marketing and sponsorships, and examine marrying social responsibility, brand marketing and social media. 

Developing Community Partners
Successful corporate philanthropy programs include strong community partner relationships. Explore ways of addressing nonprofit needs and building local and global relationships.

Strategic Grantmaking
Learn how to assess and analyze a funding proposal, perform due diligence, review nonprofit financials and evaluations. Discuss ways to align funding with company mission to build a grantmaking strategy.

Corporate Volunteer Management
Develop an employee volunteer management plan for any size company. Focus on the volunteer management cycle including the process for planning, recruitment, training, scheduling and more.

Disaster Relief Initiatives
Explore proactive funding relationships with domestic and international non-profit organizations providing support for man-made and natural disasters. Learn about emergency relief services and reconstruction/rehabilitation services.

Program Measurement and Evaluation
Conducting program evaluations is critical for demonstrating program impact to various stakeholders. Learn how to plan an evaluation, design a questionnaire, select evaluation methods, and interpret data to produce a cohesive evaluation report. Discuss goals/impact, objectives/outcomes, activities/process, inputs, and key performance indicators.


How To Apply

To enter the program, interested applicants must:

-be fluent in English (written and spoken)

-have a computer (or access to one) and an email address to receive communications and reading materials

-complete and submit VMG's Corporate Philanthropy Training Program Registration Form with payment

Schedules, Fees & Registration

Online Training

Classroom Training


To register for the 8-course program, complete and submit the VMG Corporate Philanthropy Training Program Registration Form and make payment. It's that easy! There is no application process required. Walk-in registration on the day of class is not permitted. You may mail the form with payment to Volunteer Management Group or scan and email or fax the form for faster service. Volunteer Management Group's address and fax number are on the form. Please email certificate (at) volunteermanagementgroup.com with questions or to confirm that the form and payment have been received.

Registration for Individual Courses

Register for individual courses or for the full 8-course online program.

Cancellation Policy: No Refunds

Registration is first come, first served. Space is limited. Due to space arrangements all payments are final. No refunds possible. Students needing to cancel or miss a class will receive access to a recording of the course material. Cancellation policy applies to online and classroom programs.

Course Status

Minimum enrollment must be met for a program to run. When maximum enrollment for the program is reached, the program will be closed and the names of interested registrants will be put on a wait list and notified on a first come basis if an opening occurs. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Homework and Grades

This is a non-credit training program. While grades will not be given, students are offered the option to meet "VMG Challenge Assignments" assigned for each course by completing the challenge and submitting work to the instructor for feedback and critique. Instructors will only review work on a timely basis at the time the course is taught (not after you finish the series).

Attendance Requirements

Students are required to be professional and, as a courtesy to the instructor and other students, be punctual in attending class. If absence is to occur, the student is responsible for notifying VMG and requesting access to a recording of the material. A $10 administration fee for recording access may apply. Each instructor maintains and submits attendance records for each class.

Completing Your Training and Earning Your Certificate

The Corporate Philanthropy Training consists of completing the 8 courses listed above. Upon completion of your program you will receive a Certificate via mail within 4 weeks.

VMG offers Corporate Philanthropy Consulting Services. Click here to email your inquiry or call 917-829-8344.


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