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Grant-writing is an essential need for many nonprofit organizations seeking funds from corporate and foundation grants. As grant monies become more limited in this challenging economy, the pressure for your organization to submit a professional and competitive proposal increases. You don't have to go it alone, feeling frustrated wondering where to begin and how does it this thing called "grant writing" work?

VMG Grant Writing Se
vices provides you with:

Excellent writing skills. We not only know how to write, but we write extremely well. Your organization's success in obtaining the grant hinges in large part on the quality of the written proposal. Whether we are writing for a request of $1,000 for a community activity or a $50,000 environmental restoration project, we are able to clearly communicate how the funds will be effectively used to reach a worthwhile goal.

Clear understanding of the project process. Our role as a grant writer is to convert your organization's ideas and concepts into a workable and concrete program. VMG will serve as the bridge between the grant applicant and the grant provider. VMG's role is to put into writing your organization's concepts and transform them into a project that the funding institution will support. The grant proposal document must assure the funding institutions that their funds will be put to the best possible uses. To create a successful grant proposal, one must have imagination. Part of VMG's work will be to visualize how a $75,000 project, for example, is going to play out over three-year project duration.

Strong research skills. More than just providing a well-written document, VMG grant writers possess strong research skills. Part of the work of the grant writer is the identification and selection of appropriate potential donors. VMG will research grant-making organizations and analyze them to identify likely funding sources for specific projects and programs. A philanthropic organization focusing on children's education is not likely to approve an application for a tree-planting project. Or an organization that funds medical research projects may not support a diversity project. VMG will increase the chances of getting the funds by advising on submitting the proposal to the right institution.

Discipline and organization. VMG will keep track of grant application deadlines and follow-up on submitted applications. VMG considers it essential to keep track of trends in the field and be aware of changes in the priorities of funding institutions, as well as new funding sources.

In addition to Grant Writing, VMG provides the following services:

  • Grant Funding Search: VMG will search and develop a list of potential funding resources from corporations and/or foundations that match your organization's missions, goals and activities.

  • Grant Research: VMG can assist your organization with completed project proposals to look for possible funding sources from corporations and/or foundations. VMG's output will include a redrafting of the proposal to fit the guidelines of the new funding source.

  • Grant Proposal Review: VMG can also review completed proposals prior to the organization's submission to the potential funding source of corporations and/or foundations to ensure the proposal's completeness and overall fit with the funding guidelines. VMG's task will be to proofread, identify weaknesses and revise the proposal accordingly.

  • Grant Proposal Evaluation: VMG can also provide a professional evaluation or assessment of the proposal, which does not include rewrites. VMG will provide a summative and/or formative expression of the proposal's contents.

VMG grant writing services cover the following scope of work:

  1. Through interviews and other means, we gather information that will easily allow VMG to grasp the concept of a project or program for which funding is sought as defined by the person responsible for carrying it out.

  2. Acquire and maintain sound knowledge and understanding of the organization, and use that knowledge and understanding to better comprehend all projects and programs for which grants will be sought and to recommend the seeking of grants.

  3. Compile, write, and edit grant applications exhibiting strong expository writing skills and a high-level command of grammar and spelling.

  4. Review the budget of a project or program for which funding is sought and make recommendations to better present it to grant-making organizations.

  5. Develop individual grant proposals in accordance with each grant-making organization's preferences and follow exactly each grant-making organization's guidelines.

  6. Keep in contact with grant-making organizations during their review of a submitted grant application in order to be able to supply additional supportive material.

  7. Manage the process of supplying progress reports when required by a grant-making organization that has funded a project or program.

Tips for the organization:

When you are seeking grant-writing services, the better prepared you are, the more easily we can determine if there is a good fit. Prior to an engagement of VMG providing services as a grant writer, you should already have:

  • Defined the project or program you want to get funded.

  • Developed the essence of your "Case for Support."

  • Identified prospective grant sources for the project or program. (This service can be provided by VMG if needed.)

  • Determined who will actually solicit the funds and how they will do it.

Begin the definition process by first setting your grant-seeking priorities as they fit within your organization's long-range strategic plan and mission. The three basic areas for which you are likely to be seeking grants are:

  1. To create new programs and services.

  2. To support ongoing programs and services.

  3. To provide annual operating funds.

Next, clearly and precisely define each project or program for which you will seek grants in terms that grant-making organizations will recognize and respond to. Make sure that while you're doing this you also plan for life after the grant. How will you support the project or program in the future if it is to last longer than the timeframe covered by the grant? It's a question every grant making organization will want answered.

Be certain that you have reasonably determined in advance the scope, intent, and "case" value to the community of the project or program you wish to have funded before you engage grant-writing services.

VMG can coach you through the process and prepare you to meet with grant makers so you will be better able to respond to funder's questions.

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Would you like to learn how to write your own grant proposal? VMG offers an 8-course Grant Writing Certificate Program. Click here for more information and upcoming classes.



"We contracted with Julie three times to facilitate a “Grant Writing for Beginners” training workshop for the New York City Prevention Resource Center.  Each time, she provided a comprehensive and incredibly valuable training that was full of relevant and practical information and helpful hints.  The participants were extremely satisfied and many noted that they were motivated to start writing and submitting proposals immediately! Julie made difficult content understandable and gave participants the confidence and tools to seek funding for their programs and agencies.  She did a stellar job!"


~Ronni Katz, Director,
NYC Prevention Resource Center
The Children's Aid Society

New York, NY
December 2015



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"I really enjoyed working with Julie. She was able to point out weaknesses in my application that I wasn't aware of and she came up with ideas to make my case for funding stronger. I would have never thought of putting a chart in the middle of the proposal but it was a concise way of detailing my program information in a small space. It was a great experience and I would recommend Julie's services to my colleagues and friends."

~Melvin McCray, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and Exec. Director
The Digital Media Training Program

Harlem, NYC 
December 2015





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