Online Classroom


VMG offers the following training programs online:
Volunteer Management Training

Nonprofit Management Training

Grant Writing Training

Corporate Philanthropy Training

Social Media Training

Fundraising Training

Above online training programs consist of 8 live, instructor-led, 120-minute internet classroom sessions. Each individual course includes a lecture and an optional "VMG Challenge Assignment" which students can choose to complete as homework and turn in to their instructor. Constructive feedback and critique of the assignment will be provided by the instructor. Assignments are relevant to the course lecture and provide students with real-life learning experiences.

To participate in an online webinar, you must have internet access and a functioning email account. No software purchase is required. Registrants will be emailed a URL link, login and password to access the online WebEx classroom. To hear the lecture, you need to use your computer speakers. If you would like to communicate during class, you can use the online chat feature. Audio is by VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol), or telephone. You can also use a headset or listen through your computer speakers.


How to Register


To register you must fill out a registration form. To access the registration form for a training program, go to the REGISTER TODAY link in the navigation bar to the left and then click the "online" link for the program you are insterested in. Payment can be made by check, invoice request, credit card (online, over the phone, or by sending in the registration form via mail or fax), or you can pay online with credit card or a paypal account by clicking the Add to Cart link next to the program or course of interest. Note: Even if you will be making your payment online, you must fill out and submit the registration form.




Training programs are offered online at various times throughout the year.

SPRING (March-April-May)



WINTER (January-February-March)

To view upcoming schedules, click here.