Training Program FAQ's

What are VMG's Training Programs?
What is an online course?
How does an online class work? Will I be watching videos?
Is my online course an instructor led course?
Can the training program courses be applied to an undergraduate degree?
What is the registration process?
What are the similarities and differences between online learning and classroom learning?
Who can benefit from training in volunteer program management?
Who facilitates VMG's courses?
How can I be sure that I am selecting the right training program?
Who can benefit from training in nonprofit management?
When will I receive my certificate of completion?
Is financing or a payment plan available?
Who can benefit from training in grant writing?
What is the latest I can register?
What are the technical requirements to participate in online classes?
Once a course is completed, can it count toward the acquisition of more than one certificate?
What is the registration cut-off date?
My employer will pay for my tuition. What do I need to provide with my registration so that you can bill my employer?
How many students are in an online class?
When should I register?
Is there financial assistance or scholarships available?
What is the refund policy?
What materials come with this course?
What is the software utilized for the online course?
How much does the online training cost?
What kind of computer peripherals are needed for an online class?
How will I benefit from VMG training?
Who can take online courses?
How many hours a week do I have to devote to my online course?
Will I be able to see my online instructor or communicate with him/her via telephone?
Can I access my course from anywhere?
Do I need to purchase books or any additional items?
Who do I contact if I have an issue with an instructor?
What are the requirements to earn the certificate of completion for a program?








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